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RFID file tracking utilizes radio waves for passively tracking file movements, finding files and securing files. Files can be inventoried with portable scanners and RFID antennas can be placed throughout a facility for ‘real time’ file tracking. Each time RFID detects a file, the SmartTraxx database is updated with the file’s current location. Staff can quickly and easily query the database to determine a file’s current location, dramatically reducing lost staff productivity looking and waiting for file folders. If a file is not at an expected location, a portable scanner with 20’ detection range can be utilized to find needed files, so that staff can complete tasks with limited interruption.

SmartTraxx is records management software that is integrated with bar code and RFID technologies for tracking, finding and securing file folder records. SmartTraxx software is configured for each customer’s exacting data, tracking, workflow, security and reporting requirements. SmartTraxx delivers best-practices records management and file tracking with an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use software design.

RFID antennas can be placed directly on folders anywhere desired, or RFID labels can be printed using standard office printers. Printed RFID color-coded labels can be placed on the side and/or top tab(s) of folders and/or standard RFID labels can be placed on the fronts of folders.

RFID technology providesreal-time return-on-investment by providing more recovered staff productivity than the investment in RFID solutions. Consulting studies indicate that a typical office worker loses up to four (4) weeks of productivity annually looking and waiting for file folders. Tasks are interrupted which causes other work duties to be delayed while staff wait for the file folder(s) that they need to complete their current task. In addition to causing productivity losses, customer service is compromised because task completion is delayed. The most cost effective method of ensuring that staff receive file folders ‘right when needed’ is by periodically inventorying files-in-circulation with a portable scanner, which takes about 30 seconds per office. Additionally, antennas can be placed at doorways, along hallways or in offices/rooms for real-time folder tracking updates. RFID data updates the database so that when staff query the database for a file folder’s location, the database shows the correct location.



Representative Projects and Customers

Example Customer Site with RFID Detection Zones

Industries and Applications


Local, county, state, federal and related government entities create significant numbers of file folder records related to business affairs, personnel, legal matters, procurement, contracts and for other purposes. Correspondence frequently travels among government entities and must be evaluated as to required responses and response fulfillment. The status of records must be updated and files archived when no longer active status. SmartTraxx delivers quick access to files for productivity and customer service improvement.


Businesses maintain file folder records for a wide range of purposes, such as customers, procurement, contracts, personnel, job jackets, production records, benefits administration and many other file types. Businesses are under extreme pressure to increase productivity and reduce pricing, while providing quality customer service and meeting government compliance regulations. SmartTraxx assists businesses to reduce costs, increase profits, improve service, and meet regulatory mandates .


Banks, investment firms, accountants and similar organizations maintain file folder records housing customer information and critical legal documents related to loans and other financial vehicles. Though many document-types can be digitized and maintained as electronic archives, key signature documents must also be maintained in original document format. SmartTraxx enables financial organizations to optimize the efficiency of processing incoming documents and maintaining centralized systems for maximized productivity.


Law firms, courts, district attorneys and prosecutors are facing growing case loads and voluminous paperwork that resides in legal files. File folder records must be available to the courts during the hearing of cases, and the information in the files is highly confidential. Law firms continue to represent new clients and legal matters for their clients. SmartTraxx provides legal organizations with records management software and RFID tracking to increase staff productivity through quick access to files.


Hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, government heal care facilities, life sciences & pharmaceutical entities accumulate files related to patient care and research. File folders accumulate private patient documentation and basic research data that is highly sensitive. Health care organizations require rapid and dependable access to files to provide quality medical care and to protect scientific data. SmartTraxx helps ensure that patient and scientific files are accessible and protected from unauthorized removal from premises.


The insurance industry is growing rapidly as populations increase and as people and businesses insure the many aspects of life and business that require insurance to protect against risk. Policy files include sensitive data about policy holders, their private information and their insurance polices. And as insurance policies grow, so do insurance claims. SmartTraxx provides computerized records management to control policy and claim files, and RFID to track file locations and to find needed files on-demand.


Police Departments create significant amounts of documents for incident reports, arrest records, tickets and similar types of criminal, investigative and civil documentation. For police departments, sound records management systems are not only critical for productivity purposes, the documents often relate to criminal matters that impact life, liberty and public safety. SmartTraxx provides a centralized database of all record types and utilizes RFID technology to locate and find files for internal workflow and availability to the courts.


School systems, colleges and universities accumulate documents related to each student as well as records related to administration of the education institutions. Students often move among different school districts, meaning that schools must have dependable access to transcripts, health records and other student data for copying and transferring to families, other schools and institutions. SmartTraxx keeps track of student files and administrative files, and ensures that student records can be accessed as needed and shared with appropriate stakeholders.