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SmartTraxx Software Overview

SmartTraxx is comprehensive records management software integrated with bar code file tracking, RFID file tracking and security hardware to automate file tracking and file security. The primary objective of SmartTraxx is to enable staff to rapidly access files ‘right when needed’, preventing lost productivity or customer service lapses.

SmartTraxx is COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf-software) that has been in continual development since 1997 and incorporates the features and functions previously delivered for our prior clients for each new client. Virtual Doxx also routinely adds new capabilities to the software and can develop new features for customers as required. SmartTraxx is configured for each customer’s exacting data, workflow, tracking, reporting and security requirements. Because SmartTraxx is developed according to customer specifications, the solution is optimized and is ‘easy to learn’ and ‘easy to use’.

SmartTraxx supports parent-child relationships, such as ‘records in a box’ or ‘documents within a folder’. SmartTraxx also supports a ‘site’ structure to create ‘data silos’ based on physical sites, record types and/or User authentications.

SmartTraxx supports multiple languages, such as English, Spanish and Arabic, and can be configured to support essentially any language.

SmartTraxx is developed utilizing the J2EE framework with Java, HTML 5.0 and Android graphical user interfaces. SmartTraxx functions on computers, tablets and phones.