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RFID Document, RFID File and RFID Archive Labeling Overview

There are a wide variety of options for RFID labeling  of documents, files and archive binders/boxes.  For each new record added to SmartTraxx, one or more labels can be printed for the incoming document or a new file folder being originated.  Labels can be printed for the folder side tab, the folder top tab and/or the folder front.

The primary consideration is whether or not files are currently indexed adequately, which includes three (3) primary considerations:

1)Are the text fields needed for file indexing printed or written onto file folders adequately and consistently enough as to the ability for a person to view the indexing information and conclude whether or not they have the correct file folder;

2)Based on the place(s) that indexing/labels are on current folders, do the folders have to be pulled off of shelves or from within drawers in order to read the file indexing fields?

3)Do existing folders have an existing side tab or top tab color-coding of the file’s primary file index (file # or file name, etc.).

RFID alone cannot deliver best-practices and most efficient records management.  Color-coding is fundamentally required to optimize records management and follow ‘best practices’. 

Virtual Doxx Corporation offers all industry-standard options for labeling file folders, documents or archives with sheeted or roll labels, with or without color-coding.

For RFID systems to work, the active file folders that are rotating in and out of circulation must also be tagged.  Options for printing labels for existing folders include:

> Folders can be tagged when going into-circulation or returning from-circulation;

> Virtual Doxx Corporation can print RFID labels corresponding to each active file and sequence the labels in the same sequence as existing files and ship printed, sequenced labels to customer for easy match-and-attach folder tagging.  Customers can use existing and/or temporary labor for file labeling, because it is easy to match labels to folders;

> If new folders are being implemented, Virtual Doxx Corporation can also attach labels to new folders and ship in the same sequence as existing files.  If existing top tab folders are being converted to side-tab filing, Virtual Doxx Corporation can provide conversion tabs and apply labels to conversion tabs for insertion-to or application-by customer staff into or onto existing top tab folders, to convert top tab folders to side tab filing.