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RFID Overview

Ultra High Frequency (UHF) 915MHz RFID technology is the optimal technology for document, folder and archives tracking.

RFID labels are placed on documents, folders and/or archives.  The labels include a RFID antenna and a computer chip.  The computer chip holds the ID # of the folder, document or archive. The label’s antenna absorbs radio waves from RFID desktop detectors, facility detection zones and portable scanners.  The tag returns it’s tag #, the tag’s location and the time/date through the radio wave to the interrogator (desktop detector, facility detection zone or portable scanner).   The file location data updates the SmartTraxx RFID database via network or WiFi connectivity.

As such, when staff query SmartTraxx, the database displays the correct and current location of the folder being sought.  RFID enables rapid and dependable access to documents and files, significantly improving productivity and customer service.

It is a typical misconception that UHF RFID is well suited for tracking all folders at all locations at all times.  This is not accurate.  RFID detection zones only cover an area about 10’ wide, and as such, it is too expensive to blanket an entire facility with RFID antennas.

The way that UHF RFID does work, is to establish detection zones within a facility to determine an area of ‘n’ work areas that a folder can be located at any point in time.  For example, here is an office’s floor plan showing RFID detection zones:

RFID desktop and facility zones are ideal for environments where files move frequently from place-to-place once the folders are in-circulation.

For environments where files move less frequently from place-to-place once in-circulation and/or where budget constraints limit the ability to implement detection zones and desktop detectors, portable scanners can be utilized to periodically inventory files-in-circulation.  The portable scanner has a detection range of up to 20’.  To inventory a typical office or work area takes about 30 seconds.   Inventory data from the portable scanner updates the locations of files in the database.

Portable scanner inventories and/or desktop detectors and/or facility detection zones can be utilized to track file locations.  If a file is not at an expected location and cannot be readily located, the portable scanner has a ‘Geiger Counter’ feature that uses color, sound and numeric values to find the needed file, guiding the User to within a few inches of the needed file.

RFID can also be used for security purposes, to trigger alerts, flashing lights and alarms if a folder is accessed or moved in an unauthorized manner, such as at a facility exit.  RFID can also be utilized to ensure that the correct documents are in folders upon issuance and when returned, and, to ensure that there are no misfiled documents within the folder.