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What We Do

Virtual Doxx Corporation develops enterprise-class database management software utilizing J2EE with Java, HTML and Android GUI’s, integrated with bar code and RFID technologies for object and people tracking and security applications. Virtual Doxx Corporation’s primary competencies include file, asset, weapon and police evidence tracking solutions, though we have delivered a broad array of solutions for different industry and government applications.

Virtual Doxx’s flagship product is SmartTraxx. SmartTraxx is COTS (commercial off the shelf) software that has been optimized for records management since our beginning in 1997, and through collaboration with 100’s of clients. SmartTraxx is configurable for each customer based on a project’s exacting data, workflow, tracking, security and reporting requirements. SmartTraxx fully supports RFID and bar code file tracking technologies, and multiple security options for customers needing to prevent the unauthorized access of files.

For each new project, Virtual Doxx and customer staff collaborate to design SmartTraxx to provide optimal performance and to meet ‘best practices. Because customer’s direct the software’s design, the solution best meets requirements and is ‘easy to learn’ and ‘easy to use’. Virtual Doxx provides turn-key projects including requirements analysis, software configuration, hardware, labels, implementation, training and ongoing support.