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Bar Coding Overview

SmartTraxx provides complete records management functionality and supports the use of bar coding for critical records management functions, including:

> File folder label printing / labeling
> File check-in and file check-out
> Inventory files-in-circulation
> Periodic full system audits
> Transfer of files to archive boxes

File folders can be labeled with plain bar code labels or with color-coded labels that include bar coding.

Check-in and check-out is performed with USB scanners connected to a PC that input tracking data directly into SmartTraxx software.

Portable bar code scanners can be utilized to periodically inventory folders-in-circulation, which typically should be somewhat frequently, such as weekly or twice-monthly.  The portable scanner is also utilized to perform full system audits, including folders that are in the filing system(s), filing cabinets and/or archives.

Bar coding is also ideal for transferring inactive folders to archive boxes for archival storage.