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Armory Inventories and Find Needed/Missing Weapons

Armories and depots are under intense scrutiny relative to weapons accountability.  ARMS assignment, issue and return processes are designed and function to ensure that all weapons, gear and ammo that are transferred update the locations of the objects to the officer or soldier that received the weapons, gear and ammo.

It is equally critical to inventory the armory after each shift-change, and periodically for complete depot or armory audits.  Accurately tracking assignments, issues and returns, and, periodic armory inventories ensure real-time data and accountability of all weapons and the locations of all weapons at all times.

Most armories currently track the movements and inventory weapons, gear and ammo utilizing paper-based or spreadsheet tracking systems.  These methodologies are more error prone and it is more difficult to maintain weapon, gear and ammo data in a retrievable, reportable, permanent format.  Additionally, manual methods of armory inventories are time consuming, resulting in armory inventories being performed less frequently than may be desired for appropriate, real-time accountability.

The ARMS Armory Management System supports the use of portable bar code scanners, portable RFID scanners and tablet PC’s for the rapid inventory of all objects within an armory, whether RFID tagged, bar coded or identified by serial #.  Inventory data updates the ARMS database and enables robust reporting relative to the locations of all weapons, gear and ammo at all times.

The portable, mobile scanner also has the ability to FIND missing or needed weapons, gear, ammo or containers wherever they may be in an armory or weapons depot.  The portable scanner utilizes frequency of beeps, cold-warm-hot color scale and numeric index to guide the User right to the needed object.