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Bar Code and Archive Box Label Printing

SmartTraxx software includes robust label printing capabilities enabling labels to be printed for file folders and archive boxes.   Data can be entered to SmartTraxx by keyboard and/or records can be imported from a customer’s backend database. 

All new records entered to SmartTraxx generate file folder labels, typically using ink jet or laser printer.  Labels can be black print and placed on the front of the folder or can be color-coded with bar code and wrapped around the top tab or side tab of a file folder.  Labels can also include text fields, such as file description, etc.

Folders being archived can be placed into archive boxes.  Archive boxes can be labeled with labels provided by the box storage company and/or archive box labels can be printed from SmartTraxx.

The bar coded labels printed from SmartTraxx can be scanned with USB scanners for check-in and check-out, and, for placement of file folders into archive boxes during file folder archiving.

Portable bar code scanners will also read the bar codes on the file folder or archive box labels.  Portable scanners can scan the folder or archive box labels for inventories and audits.

SmartTraxx supports many standard sizes of labels.  SmartTraxx enables printing of one or multiple labels per folder, for example, for the side tab of a folder and for the front of a folder.