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File Folder Bar Code Check-in and Check-Out

File check-in and check-out are fast, easy and accurate with SmartTraxx and bar codes. 

To check-in files, just choose the ‘file room’ as the destination of the folders, using SmartTraxx’s file tracking screen and a drop-down list of file destinations (locations).  Or, scan the file location from a bar code legend that includes a bar code for every place that a file could be located, such as file room.  Then scan each folder being checked-in.

To check-out files,  scan or select a global destination for all of the files being checked-out, or, scan or select a destination for each individual file being checked-out.

File check-in and check-out only requires the standard SmartTraxx software and an inexpensive USB-connected bar code scanner.  USB are available for hands-free and hand-gripped uses.

SmartTraxx includes a list of all locations at which files can be located.  Each location is associated with a unique bar code.  The bar location labels can be printed on sheets of labels to automate check-in and check-out without having to use keyboard or mouse.