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File-to-Archive Box Tracking and Management

SmartTraxx bar code software keeps track of when files are due for archiving, and generates a file-pull-list for the files that need to be transferred to archive boxes.

SmartTraxx supports archive boxes within the same database as is used for active file tracking.  The box label, number and bar code on box storage vendor provided labels can be input to SmartTraxx and/or SmartTraxx can print labels for archive boxes.

USB or portable bar code scanners can be utilized to scan box bar codes and folder bar codes.  SmartTraxx keeps track of the box that each file is within, and the file adopts the box’s location thereafter (unless the file is pulled from the box and enters circulation independently of the box).

Archive center shelves can be tagged with bar code ‘location’ labels and each shelf can be established as a unique location within SmartTraxx software.  When a archive box is placed on a shelf, the shelf bar code label can be scanned with a portable bar code scanner, and the box’s bar code label can be scanned, to update SmartTraxx with the exact shelf onto which an archive box was placed into storage.

Because the archive box’s location is updated to the shelf location, all folders within the box are also updated to the shelf location.