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RFID Color-Coded Filing Systems

When implementing RFID for file folder systems, a label of some kind must be applied to each folder that is going to be tracked.  Virtual Doxx Corporation recommends use of side and/or top tab color coding as ‘best practice’.  RFID alone cannot optimize records management operations and the use of file folders…RFID must be combined with color-coding for most efficient records management.

Imagine going into a grocery store and all of the canned goods had a white label with product description printed in black ink.  It would be difficult to find what you are looking for, and, it would be difficult to know if a can was in the wrong area of the shelves.  The same applies to filing systems. 

File folders must be color-coded according to a primary index, like digits of a file number or letters of a file name/description, in order to achieve the best overall results for records management operations.

Color-coding makes it fast and accurate to pull or refile files visually versus cognitively.  Because color-coding is along the visible edge of a file folder, folders do not have to be pulled on and off of shelves or in and out of drawers to find a needed file.

In addition, because files are color coded, if a file is about to be placed at the wrong place in a filing system, the colors will clash, alerting the file clerk to the file placement error prior to it happening.  If a folder does get placed in the wrong place in open or drawer shelving, the misfile will be automatically and quickly, visually identifiable based on a misplaced color(s) in the filing system.

The very best way to manage files is open-shelving for space utilization and side-tab color-coding for records management efficiencies.  Example color coded label designs include (THE LABEL DESIGN RENDERS THE FILING SYSTEM/SCHEMA):



Legal Office







Oil & Gas

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