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RFID Label Printing, Commissioning and Application Services

Implementing RFID tracking technology utilizing portable scanners, desktop detectors and/or facility detection zones, means that the folders that need to be tracked are labeled with RFID labels.  Following are the primary options for applying labels to existing folders:

> Apply RFID labels to new folders, and, apply RFID labels to existing folders when folders enter circulation, are returned from circulation and/or as staff time allows

> Implement SmartTraxx software prepopulated with active records and print labels for existing files singularly and/or in batches

> Virtual Doxx Corporation can print RFID labels based on the active records provided by a customer and that were also used to populated the SmartTraxx database

If labels are printed by Virtual Doxx, the RFID tag #’s are commissioned to the database and the tags are shipped in the same sequence as a customer’s existing files.  Because RFID labels are shipped matching the filing system schema, it is fast and easy to ‘match and attach’ RFID labels to file folders without having use a computer or move folders away from their storage location.  RFID labels can be applied to folders ‘right where they are located’ without having to place on carts and transport to a work surface.

For customers that have top tap style folders, or folders without a tab, and are implementing open shelving, file folder conversion tabs can be placed within existing folders to create a side tab for label placement.  This enables implementation of RFID and side tab filing without having to replace existing folders.

Virtual Doxx Corporation can also provide new folders and/or can receive file folders from a customer’s preferred vendor.  Labels can be applied to new file folders and shipped to customer in the same sequence as the customer’s existing files, for easy ‘match’ of old-to-new folders.