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RFID Roll Labels and RFID # Encoding

SmartTraxx supports printing RFID roll labels utilizing specialty thermal printers.

Labels print in black ink only, and labels are typically placed on the front of a folder, the spine of an archive binder or the front of an archive box.

The labels can include text fields to describe the file or archive being labeled, and will include a bar code # representing the file or archive #.  When the label is printed, the printer reads the bar code and overrides the labels native RFID # with the same # as the file #.

Roll labels do not enable printing of color-coding for side tab or top tab visual filing systems.

Encoding tags during printing when using roll labels, or commissioning RFID #’s to the database when printing sheeted labels, have the same result:  “when tags are detected by RFID, the locations of the files are correctly updated to the SmartTraxx database.”