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RFID Sheeted Label Printing and RFID # Commissioning to Database

SmartTraxx supports printing labels onto sheets, using industry standard office printers.  Labels print on sheets and either wrap around the top or the side of the folder, or, labels can be placed on folder front or inside of a folder.  The primary advantages of sheeted labels include:

> Enables printing of color-codes, text and bar onto RFID label sheets

> Enables utilization of inexpensive, durable office ink jet printers, precluding the need for expensive, specialty printers

> Multiple sizes of labels can be printed for each folder, such as a folder top and a folder side label, or, such as a folder side label and a folder front label as a single print job (supports trigger of multiple paper trays and/or printers / trays for a print job)

> Utilizes the unique and tested RFID ID #’s from the label without requiring that label RFID #’s be overwritten (encoded)

> The same printer that prints labels can also be utilized to print software reports, file pull lists, etc.

Virtual Doxx Corporation maintains an inventory of the two (2) primary sizes of RFID sheeted labels as used for file folders:

> 8” x 1.5” RFID labels which are ideal for wrapping around the side tab and/or the top tab of a file folder

> 4” x 2” RFID labels which are ideal for placing on the outside fronts of folders, and can be placed inside of folder or on back

There are many different sizes of RFID labels available on RFID label sheets, depending on quantity for custom manufacturing.

An astute question is “if I use a standard office printer that is not encoding the RFID computer chip (number) during printing, how does the RFID system work?”.  

When a label is removed from a sheet and applied to a document, folder or archive, the person applying the label to the folder uses SmartTraxx’s ‘fast-track’ software screen to place the label’s native RFID # in the database record corresponding to the file folder that was labeled.

‘Commissioning’ RFID #’s to the matching database records links the RFID # to the file folder’s unique identification, such as ‘file #’.  Linking a RFID # to a database file folder # is the equivalent to a vehicle which has a license plate # which is associated with the vehicle’s  VIN # (vehicle identification #).  The license plate # and VIN # are linked in the database, as are RFID # and File # linked in the SmartTraxx database.