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RFID Wet Inlays and RFID Inlays with Label Surface

For customers that are pleased with their folder indexing and their filing system methodology and/or that do not wish to implement color-coding, then only a self-adhesive RFID inlay is required for folder labeling. 

RFID inlays can include a label facing, if any information is to be handwritten on the label.

The larger the inlay (antenna) the further the distance the tag can be detected by RFID portable scanners and detection zones.  For best performance, an inlay approximately 4” wide by ¾” to 1” high are recommended.

If tagging documents and/or if tagging thin folders containing few documents (folders are very close together when filed), there are specialty RFID inlays that optimize scanning of documents and files that are in very close proximity to one another.

Similar to how RFID #’s from printed sheeted labels are commissioned to the SmartTraxx database, RFID #’s from RFID inlays are commissioned to the SmartTraxx database.  Prior-to or after applying a RFID inlay to a document, folder or archive, the person that is labeling the folder uses SmartTraxx’s ‘fast track’ software screen to scan the RFID inlay with a USB-connected RFID scanner.

Scanning the RFID tag updates the file folder’s corresponding database record with the RFID #, so that the RFID location system works correctly.