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Virtual Labels File Folder Label Printing System

Virtual Labels software is embedded and fully integrated with the SmartTraxx database management system.  Virtual Labels can also be utilized as a stand-alone printing system utilized in conjunction with 3rd party or customer applications/databases.

Important advantages of the use of labels for indexing file folders include:

> standardization…there are specific fields that are required when printing a label and/or optional fields when printing a label

> Text field formats are designed to ensure consistency in the format of printed fields, such as date fields, or, such as last name, first name, middle name

> Each field can be setup to print from a drop-down list, a pop-up calendar, a check box or keyboard entry, further ensuring consistency and thoroughness

> All labels print with the same fields in the same format and in the same position, for consistency and ease-of-use

> Enables text fields, bar code, RFID and color-coding ‘all in one’ using a single label

SmartTraxx and Virtual Labels software applications enable customers to print labels utilizing sheet printers and sheeted labels and/or roll labels and roll label printers.

Labels can be printed to sheets and the RFID # ‘commissioned’ to the file folder’s corresponding file folder SmartTraxx database record and/or labels can be printed and the RFID computer chip encoded with a file # at the time of printing.

SmartTraxx supports multiple label sizes and supports printing one or multiple labels per folder.  A label printing transaction can include one or more labels for a master folder and labels for sub-folders as a single print-run.