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File Recipients Sign Electronic Signature Pad for Transfer-of-Custody

In organizations where staff often physically travel to the file registry / file room to receive custody of a file, it may be required that recipients sign for custody of the file.  For manual systems, that means signing for custody in a ‘file transfer custody book’ and/or signing onto the folder itself.

SmartTraxx supports computerizied file transfers with capture of electronic signatures utilizing the SmartTraxx tracking screen.  When a file is transferred to a recipient, they can be required to sign an electronic signature pad. 

The location of the folder updates to the file recipient, and, an audit trail record is created in SmartTraxx showing the file that was transferred, the recipient, the recipient’s signature and the time/date of the transfer-of-custody.

The chain-of-custody history can be printed out in report format, to show the entire life cycle and movements of records, including electronic signatures if they are captured at time of file transfers and/or returns.