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Validating Documents / Folios within File Folders

Even with the most precise and effective implementation of RFID technology for file tracking, there is a parallel concern for some organizations to track the individual documents within SmartTraxx.

SmartTraxx includes a ‘parent/child’ hierarchical relationship between folders and the documents within folders.  Each document being placed into a folder can be assigned a unique document identification number.  SmartTraxx, from a ‘data’ perspective will track folders and documents within documents.

To validate that the correct documents are within folders over time, folders can be scanned with USB-connected scanners.  SmartTraxx will import the RFID ‘document validation’ data and will alert User to any missing or misfiled documents.

When files are transferred, the recipient accepts custody of all of the documents that were validated as being in the folder when the folder was scanned by RFID to validate the documents within the folder.  When the folder is returned to the file room / registry, the folder is scanned with RFID to validate that all of the documents that were in the folder when the folder was transferred, are in the folder when the folder is returned.