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Electronic Signature Pad

USB-connected electronic signature pads are supported by the ARMS Armory Management System.

Most frequently with use of the ARMS system, as weapons, gear, ammo and/or containers are issued to authorized personnel, a row of data including…

ØSerial #

… display on the electronic signature pad.  Personnel can view the data on the pad to validate that the objects being transferred to their custody are in their possession.  Once the objects are authenticated, the signature pad is signed.

The location of the objects transferred to the person update to location = ‘person that signed the electronic signature pad’.  A row of data is also added in an audit trail chain-of-custody ARMS software module, which tracks every movement, issue and return of the objects issued and returned by the armory. 

The chain-of-custody audit report can be printed, including the electronic signatures, for a complete history of the weapon or other object from time of acquisition through final disposition.