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Exit Door Security and Alarms

Similar to monitoring files being removed or returned to file rooms, or installing RFID antennas within facilities to demark a transition from one area of the facility, such as ‘secret’, to another area of the facility, such as ‘non-secret’, RFID can be used at facility exits to monitor and secure file movements.

Exit door RFID security zones typically include antennas mounted overhead and to the sides of the doorway(s), for maximum tag detection.  Business rules, such as ‘no folder should leave building’, or, such as ‘no secret folder should leave building’, etc., are managed by SmartTraxx to determine when there is a security breach.

If there is a security breach, lights flash, alarm sounds and there are software, email and SMS alerts triggered.  For advanced security requirements, door locks can be triggered by SmartTraxx.

RFID security zones can also be placed at stairwells or elevators, particularly if a facility is within a building with shared tenants.

Exit areas are often equipped with video cameras, or can be equipped with video cameras, so security alert time/date stamps in SmartTraxx can be compared to video footage time/date stamps.