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Registry / File Room Security Doorways

For sensitive file types, RFID antennas can be placed at file room / file registry doorway(s) to detect the files approaching a doorway.  Motion sensors are also mounted at the door to determine the person’s direction-of-travel (entering or leaving the file room).

SmartTraxx supports business rules that are reconciled when a file(s) are detected at a file room doorway.  For example, if a file is not authorized to exit the file room or the transfer-of-custody was not performed properly, lights flash, alarm sounds and software, email and SMS alerts are triggered

Lighstack alarms are network-connected, so can be installed at any place(s) desired, such as in the file registry / file room itself and/or in a security office.

If a file exits a file room in an unauthorized, the file folder(s) corresponding database records are updated to alert status, indicating a security breach.  An alert audit trail record is created, including folder detected, place detected, alert status and time/date. 

The SmartTrax audit trail record time/date stamp can be compared to a video surveillance system’s video from camera(s) in proximity of the file room doorway to determine the person that removed file(s) in an unauthorized manner.

For extreme security requirements, RFID can be integrated with door locks, elevator locks and/or integration with other security systems.