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Secure Courier Solutions

SmartTraxx includes an Android application that operates using portable scanners, tablets and phones. 

SmartTraxx can be modified to transfer data to smart device or portable scanner, that is used by couriers to deliver documents, files and archives to other businesses or government entities.  The courier can be required to sign for custody of the file(s) at time of pickup.

When courier delivers documents/files/archives to the recipient, the recipient is required to sign the smart device or portable scanner for proof-of-delivery.  When the courier returns to the file to the originating party, data from the device or scanner uploads to SmartTraxx.  An audit trail record is created showing proof of delivery and including the recipients signature.

For advanced tracking, a file can be tracked real-time using mapping software, to show the transport’s actual location when in transit from one facility to another.

There are also 3rd party vendors that combine secure courier apps and devices with delivery vehicles and personnel for turn-kley secure courier services.