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Secure File Carriers

By scanning files with RFID to validate the documents that are in the folder prior to transfer-of-custody of the file to a recipient, and by scanning folders with RFID upon the folders return to the file room, records management staff have the ability to identify that document(s) are missing when a folder is returned. 

As such, there is accountability to the person that had custody of the folder at the time that document(s) were removed from the folder.

However, when files are being used by staff and are in open office areas, someone else could remove documents without the person having custody of the file knowing that documents were removed.

There are a number of styles of secure file carriers that overcome such tampering.  Files can be placed in file carriers with locking and numbering systems, so that a person receiving a file knows that the file has not been tampered-with, and the recipient has valid responsibility for the custody of all documents that were in the folder at time of transfer by the file room / file registry staff.

When staff are using secure folders, prior to leaving the folder outside of their immediate site and custody, the folder can be returned to the secure pouch.

Utilization of secure, lockable file carriers provides and important chain in secure file chain-of-custody.