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File Folders

There are a wide variety of file folders available, based on type of material, expandability, top tab versus side tab, etc.

The primary types of folders include:

>Manila folders with side tab and/or top tab.  Manila folders are available in 10+ different colors.  Manila file folders can be 11pt., 14pt. or 18pt. thickness, depending on the durability required.  Manila folders are designed to hold up to approximately 1” of documents.  The side and/or top tabs can be ‘double thick’ for additional durability and stability.  Folder fronts can be printed.  Most commonly, manila folders ‘open like a book’, but, are also available pocket-style and closed on three sides;

>Pressboard folders are available with side tab and/or top tab, and are made of a dense, rigid 25pt. pressboard material for maximum durability and stability.  Pressboard file folders include a super tough tvek ‘w fold’ gusset that can expand to 3”+ of documents.  Multiple colors are available.  The folder fronts can be printed;

>Redrope expandable folders are made of a heavy duty fiber material, with standard expansions of 1.75”, 3.5” or 5.25”.  Redrope folders include a ‘w’ gusset that expands based on the amount of documents within the folder.  Redrope folders are available with multiple types of string and rubber band mechanisms to keep the folder closed when not in use.

Manila folders and pressboard folders can include multiple interior ‘partitions’.  Partitions can include fastener clips on either or both sides for security documents.  Folder partitions can include color-coded index taps that are pre-printed based on the document types being stored within the folder.

All folders can be printed on the outside front, in multiple colors, including customer logo, customer name, confidentiality statement, check-in/out matrix, etc.

For customers that archive folders in warehouses where humidity, insects and/or rodents cause folders to deteriorate over time, file folders are also available made of a dense plastic (polyethylene) material.  Plastic folders can also be printed and are available in multiple colors.