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File Labeling and File Tracking

The primary consideration for records management operational improvements is through implementation of efficient physical products for the file registry itself.  Appropriate file folders, file shelving, file indexing and document organization practices must be adopted for maximum efficiencies and ‘best practices’.

Virtual Doxx Corporation can provide best-practices recommendations and/or can provide all products required for best-practices file registries/file systems.  The physical file registry products must be complimented by computerized registry software and file tracking technology for optimized operations of file registry and office staff.

SmartTraxx includes fully integrated label printing software, for producing any type or size of label(s) required for file folders.  File labels are fundamental both to file indexing and file tracking.  Document, folder and/or archive box/binder labels can include bar coding and/or RFID.

SmartTraxx also supports bar code and/or RFID approaches to file tracking.

Bar coding is a low cost approach that enables manual file tracking.  A USB bar code scanner can check-in and check-out folders from close proximity one-at-a-time.  Folders in circulation can be scanned one-at-a-time with a portable bar code scanner to keep the database updated with correct file locations.

RFID technology is marginally more expensive than bar coding, but is far more powerful.  With RFID, files can be passively tracked real-time as they are removed-from or returned-to the file room and wherever they travel throughout a facility.  RFID portable scanners scan many folders at a time from up to 20’ distances, making file inventories significantly easier than if using bar coding.  RFID also has a ‘critical’ advantage of being able to rapidly find needed files, similar to how a metal detector detects metal objects.