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File Folder Labeling / Indexing

Users of file folders must always view or read information on a file folder to determine if they have the correct file folder that they need. 

Handwriting index information on a file folder has challenges, including unreliable legibility and inconsistencies in what index fields are written onto the folder and in what format.

Printing labels for each new file folder record is the preferred method of indexing file folders.  Printed labels ensure legibility and consistence of the data and data formats defining the folder itself.  Printed labels make it easier for staff to ensure that they have accessed the correct file for their work purposes.

Regardless of the use of bar code and/or RFID technologies to improve records management operations, file folders must be color-coded to achieve best results.  Color-coding is fundamental to effective records management and filing systems.

File folders with top tab and/or side tab are recommended, so that labels can be placed along the edge of folders for quick, easy readability.  SmartTraxx software supports printing multiple labels per folder, such as for top and side, or, for side and front, etc.

SmartTraxx also prints labels for document indexing and for archive binder or archive box indexing.  SmartTraxx supports a wide variety of sizes of labels, and supports sheet and roll label printers.