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File Folder Fasteners, Partitions, Index Dividers and Pockets

The first priority in a filing system and file tracking is to ensure that staff can rapidly access needed files.

An additional priority is to ensure that staff can find needed documents from within a folder without undue effort and wasted productivity.

Additionally, it is important to secure documents within folders, do that documents do not ‘fall out’ of the folder during usage.

There are a variety of file folder fasteners available to secure documents within folders, utilizing 2-hole or 3-hole fasteners.  There are standard metal clip fasteners available, and also, special ‘extension clip’ fasteners that enable accessing of a specific document from within many documents, without having to unthread and rethread documents.

In any file folder, there are multiple ‘document types’.  Documents can be organized within folders into logical sub-groups based on document-type, utilizing folders that have partitions and/or by utilization of ‘index tab dividers’.

Index dividers have color tabs and are preprinted with document-type titles.  For example, a personnel folder may have document-types including ‘application’, ‘disciplinary notes’, ‘performance reviews’, etc.  The use of partition folders and/or index dividers enables staff to rapidly find needed document(s) from within a folder.  Extension clip fasteners ease the process of threading and unthreading documents.

There are also a wide range of pockets that can be built-into or applied to folders, for media that may require special enclosure within a file folder.