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Master Folders and Sub-Folders

Some filing systems are comprised of expandable pocket folders with top tab manila folders stored within the expandable folder.

The use of sub-folders is particularly common in law firms that have clients with multiple-matters, whereby the master folder is for the client and each sub-folder is for a client-matter.

In other cases, a master folder will include sub-folders based on document-type.  For example, an employee folder may have sub-folders for document types such as ‘application’, ‘reviews’, ‘investigations’ etc.

Typically, an indexing label is applied to the side or the top of the expandable folder, and, labels are placed on the top tabs of the manila folders that are within the expandable folder.

If bar coding and/or RFID is being utilized for file tracking, the labels for master folders and the labels for sub-folders can include bar code and/or RFID.    Sub-folders can be tracked individually and/or sub-folders can inherit the master folder’s location, depending on how the software and tracking technology are designed.

Sub-folders can be further partitioned by interior panels and/or through the use of index dividers.  As such, a master folder may include any number of sub-folders, and, each sub folder can include partitions or dividers to sub-divide the folder based on the document types within the sub-folder.