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Shelving and High-Density Systems for File and Archive Storage

For centralized storage of files, drawer filing is inadequate.  Drawer files require a person to be looking down at files, restricting the # of drawers (maximum of 5) that can be utilized without requiring a step stool or ladder.  Further, drawer files require that floor space be allocated both to the depth of the drawers, and also 2x that space to allow for file drawers to be pulled-out.

Open shelving enables files to be access up to 8-shelves high, and no space has to be allocated to space for pulling out cabinet drawers.  Open shelving also provides broad visibility to many all at once, versus having to open one drawer at a time.

Open shelving can be placed on tracks and multiple rows of shelving can be placed in-front of one another.  Shelving units slide left or right to provide access to rear cabinets.

Open shelving can be placed on circular rotators that rotate 360° to enable storage of more files in less floor space.  Circular cabinets can also prevent access to files through side-rotation and cabinet lock.

Open shelving can also be placed on metal carriages that have wheels that roll on top of metal rails that are placed within or on top of existing floors.  The metal carriages can be a few feet long or up to approximately 100’ for very large systems.  Running the length of the metal carriages is an axle that enables the carriage to move.  Mobile high density filing systems for file storage can be connected to chains or electronical circuitry that allows a person to easily move many carriages at a time to open aisles for retrieval of files or archives. 

In addition to freestanding open shelving configured into multiple high capacity storage solutions, there are completely enclosed filing systems that rotate up-in-the-air by push-button to provide high density storage and to optimized the use of vertical space availability.  Fully encased ‘vertical lift filing systems’ can be widths of 20’+.  Shelves are placed on a vertical carousel system that rotates up and down by pressing and up or down button.  Rotary file storage systems allow staff to access staff from the same position every time, and not have to stoop low or reach high. 

Electronic mobile shelving and vertical lift systems also enable a file or archive # to be entered by software to ‘move’ the systems to the exact location needed by staff to accessed needed files.