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Desktop / Work Area Detectors and Zones

The use of RFID Desktop / Work Area detectors is based on a customer’s file folder usage environment and records management processes.  Each RFID detector is named in the database as a person or place, such as ‘John Doe’s Office’, ‘Office 123’, etc. 

If portable scanner inventories are performed on a frequent enough basis and/or if Facility RFID Detection Zones are spaced with adequate location granularity, then RFID desktop detectors may not be required.

Desktop / Work Area Detectors are ideal when:

1)For work areas where a high flow of files travel
2)When messengers deliver files

Most commonly, RFID Desktop / Work Area detectors are connected to a workstation, laptop or tablet in a work area via USB port.  For any RFID-tagged documents, folders or archives that are detected, their location  automatically updates within the SmartTraxx database.

There are two (2) primary types of USB desktop detectors:

1)multi-tag-read antenna that scans all folders within approximately 3’ at all times and automatically updates the database with locations of files based on location of antenna;
2)Single-tag-read antenna that scans one-tag-at-a-time and beeps when a tag is detected (ideal in environments where folders are delivered by messengers or records management staff); single-read detectors include a audible capability to ‘beep’ when a file is detected, to confirm-by-sound that a folder was detected when entering a work area.

For longer range detection within a work area or office, a network-connected RFID all-in-one reader/antenna can be placed overhead to saturate an approximate 10 to 20’ area.  Reader/antennas can also be placed under worksurfaces to provide maximum distance and strength of RFID radio waves for detecting many documents, files or archives on a work surface.