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Document/Folio to Folder Validation

Whereas RFID technology is commonly utilized to track the locations of documents, files and archives, RFID can also be utilized to validate documents / folios in file folders. 

The SmartTraxx database establishes database records for every physical file folder record.  For each file folder record, there is a ‘child’ record for each document / folio within the folder.

Folders receive a RFID label at time of origination, and each document / folio receives a RFID label at time of receipt and/or origination.  All documents can be tagged, or, only the most important documents, such as signature documents for a loan transaction, can be tagged.

When folders are issued to staff or other recipients, the folder is scanned by a USB connected RFID scanner.  SmartTraxx displays data showing expected documents identified, expected documents not identified and misfiled documents.  Documents / folios within folders are adjudicated prior to issuing the file folder / documents.

RFID document-to-folder validation also detects any misfiled documents, that is / are in the incorrect folder, and need to be removed and placed in the correct folder.

SmartTraxx keeps track of the documents expected, and unexpected, in physical file folders, to ensure that the documents that are within file folders when transferred are correct and complete, and that records returned to the file room / registry are correct and complete.  And, to confirm that there are no misfiled or unknown documents within the folder.