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Door, Entrance-Way and Gate RFID Security Zones

RFID technology can be used as a stand-alone security apparatus and/or RFID can be integrated with video and access control systems.

The most common use of RFID security capabilities is placement of RFID antennas at facility exits and passageways.  SmartTraxx can be configured with ‘security protocols’ based on the tag(s) detected and the location at which detected.  For example, if a tag that is on a document, folder or archive is detected approaching a facility exit, SmartTraxx can trigger alarms, flashing lights and software / SMS / Email alerts.

RFID security can also be utilized for file room / file registry doorways.  Doorways can be equipped with motion sensors and alarm/lights.  If a document / folder / archive is approaching the exit of a file room / registry / archive center, the lights and alarms can be triggered in cases of unauthorized removal.

RFID can be integrated with door locks, in case of high security requirements.

Each security event that occurs, creates an audit trail history record for the document, folders and/or archives that were detected during the security event, including a time/date stamp.  RFID time/date stamps can be easily reconciled against surveillance video time/date stamps.

RFID can be integrated with access control systems, such as carousels, to link tags detected with time/date stamps from access control and RFID systems.

RFID doorway security zones typically include one (1) network connected reader, four (4) reader connected antennas and two (2) motion sensors.  Also installed at doorway and/or at security office or at any network connected node, alarm and flashing lights can be triggered: