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File Room RFID Doorway

RFID at file room doorways are important for two (2) primary reasons:

> In environments where staff pull and return files themselves, RFID at file room doorway(s) will automatically track files into the file room (location = IN) or out of the file room (location = out)
> In environments where file clerks are checking-out files, the doorway is additional location data that indicates that a recipient received custody of a file from a file clerk, and, that/when a folder exited the file room.

File room doorways also offer advanced functionality, including:

> Ability to assign files to the file’s Requestor when a record is removed from a file room/registry.  If someone queries SmartTraxx to determine the location of a file, using their computer, the User can simply click the Request button and is done.  SmartTraxx will automatically put a ‘flag’ on the file for the Requestor, and will update the location of the file in the SmartTraxx database based on the Requestor when a Requested file exits the file room.  As such, it takes no more time to lookup ‘where is a record right now’ than it is to also Request the file for automated file room doorway file tracking;

> RFID file room doorways will also detect employee ID cards, if a RFID label is placed on existing staff access control cards.  When a file(s) are removed-from a file room, the location of the file(s) will update to the RFID-tagged RFID access control card ID #.

RFID file room doorways are most often implemented with one (1) reader, four (4) antennas, two (2) motion sensors and one (1) diagnostic light stacks.  Diagnostic lightstacks visually confirm that the reader/antennas are working properly and that tags are being detected properly.

If files are of a security nature requiring special protections, RFID file room doorways can be linked to alarms/flashing lights to alert file room staff , managers and/or security personnel that a file(s) are being removed in an unauthorized manner.  Security alerts also trigger SmartTraxx software ALERT STATUS for the record, along with email and/or SMS alert messages.