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Find-A-File Solution

The ultimate bottleneck and records management problem for organizations is the inability to find needed files in a timely manner. Workflow tasks get interrupted, which means both lost productivity and a diminished ability to complete the task.

People lose their train-of-thought and it is not easy to multi-task, particularly when workflow tasks requires thoughtfulness or complex thought. Therefore, people generally stop their work and seek to find the needed folder, versus having to start a different task and remain in a holding pattern for the original task for an unknown period of time.

The best solution to finding files is the prevention of missing files. The prevention of missing files requires SmartTraxx software and performance of inventories with the portable scanner and/or RFID detection zones and/or desktop detectors to update file locations in the database. As such, the frequency of needing to find a needed file is greatly reduced, meaning less staff interruptions looking for files.

Based on the operations of some organizations, and the primacy of the need to find needed files in a timely manner, the use of a portable scanner for the sole purpose of finding files is the best solution within available budget. Find-A-File is the least expensive entry point to the use of RFID technology.

Being able to rapidly find needed files improves staff productivity, task accomplishment and customer service.

The portable scanner that is used for Find-A-File is the same scanner as used for more robust versions of Virtual Doxx Corporation’s RFID records management capabilities. As such, customers that implement Fiind-A-File can easily upgrade to SmartTraxx solutions at any point in time, without reinvestment in the portable scanner.