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Portable Scanner Solution

The primary benefits of approaching file tracking and location data through the use of a portable RFID scanner include:

1)Least expensive yet excellent approach to RFID

2)Database has an exact location for files, versus only knowing which facility zone a file is located

A portable scanner solution means that there is no use or minimal use of desktop detectors or facility detection zones, and the performance of file location data in the SmartTraxx database is based on most-recent-inventory data.

First, determine how many work areas there are and multiply by one-minute per location to perform an inventory, and decide if it is reasonable to perform inventories based on the frequency that inventories would be required.  It is most common that customers inventory folders once or twice a week, however, some facilities inventory daily.

Second, estimate how often files NORMALLY stay at a location before moving to another person or place.   Focus on the commonplace use of records, and not the unusual use of records, given that the portable scanner can FIND files that travel unusually as a fail-safe.

When considering a portable scanner solution, keep in mind that an organization will gain dramatically more productivity from the inventories than it takes to perform the inventories!  From a cost-benefit perspective, the RFID solution will pay for itself real-time and 10x the amount of labor will be saved compared to the amount of labor required to perform the inventory.

The portable scanner can also be utilized to pinpoint the location of a tagged document, file or archive, guiding the User to within a few inches of the needed file.