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RFID Printers

The first consideration as to selecting the best printer for a specific organization’s requirements is to determine if color-coded RFID labels will be utilized.  If so, then a sheet printer is required.  SmartTraxx supports any standard ink jet printer, such as Ricoh, Epson, HP, etc. 

If sheeted labels will be used with a sheet printer, ink jet versus laser printers are recommended.  The printer selected should have sizable ink cartridges and each of the colors should be in its own cartridge.  Inks should be fast drying and archival quality for long lifetime.  For example:

If color-coding is not going to be utilized for labeling files, the second consideration is preference for sheet printer or thermal printer for printing a label that would be applied to the front of a folder.  Any ink jet printer can be utilized for printing folder front labels.

With sheeted printers and sheeted labels, after labels are printed, labels are applied to the file folder.  At that time, the staff person that is labeling the folder will scan the RFID tag with a USB RFID scanner.  SmartTraxx software is designed to ingest the RFID # and add it to the file folder’s database record, so that RFID performs properly.   This is the same concept as an automobile having both a VIN # and a license plate #.

SmartTraxx also supports thermal printers, which do not support printing of colors, but do have the ability to encode tags at the time of printing.  As such, the RFID # matches the file’s #.

Sheet and thermal printers can also be utilized to print labels for documents and archive boxes or binders.