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USB Check In / Out Scanner

If files are retrieved and delivered, or, made-ready for pickup, by records management staff, then records should be scanned and transferred to a recipient if being issued-to-circulation and records should be scanned and transferred back to the file system upon return.

SmartTraxx includes a tracking screen that can be utilized for singular or batch check-in and check-out. Just point the scanner at a file, stack of files or cart of files, and all files will display as rows of data on the tracking screen.

If required, SmartTraxx supports the use of an electronic signature pad in conjunction with file transfers. Electronic signatures can be captured by staff or constituents that receive file folder records.

The tracking screen includes a global destination drop-down list, enabling a location, such as ‘file room’ to be selected to update all of the records being check-in. Or, if files are being checked-out to multiple destinations, a destination/location can be selected for each file.

SmartTraxx software on the tracking screen includes a drop-down list of possible file destinations, which can be selected for all or each file being transferred or returned. SmartTraxx also enables print-out of destinations as bar codes, so that destinations can be scanned versus being selected from a drop-down list.

Most SmartTraxx customers utilize RFID printed or static RFID tags that include a native and unique 24 alpha-numeric identification # (EPC #). The USB scanner is also utilized to input the native RFID tag # to the database (RFID tag # is associated with a document, file or archive ID #) so that labels can be printed on standard inkjet prineters with colors and so that expensive specialty printers that print in black-only are not required.