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Chain-of-Custody / Audit Trails

SmartTraxx maintains rigorous audit trail data records within the software. Any time a record is viewed, updated, transferred, status changed or any other movement or action is taken, an audit trail record is added to the audit trail software utility.

Each audit trail record includes the person that was logged on, the IP address of their computer and the action that they took…such as transferring or updating a record.

If there is ever a need to know ‘who did what and when’ or to determine the movements of records, the audit trail can be instrumental in determining who had a record and the date/date-range that they had the record. If periodic inventories are performed, which are highly recommended, the data specifically indicates a folder’s path of travel and the time duration at each location. As such, staff are accountable for task performance in relation to how long a record was in their custody.

SmartTraxx also supports electronic signature capture, for example, if staff go to the file room / registry to retrieve a file. File transfers create audit trail records, and will include the electronic signature if a signature is captured.

Audit trails can be printed.