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In addition to support for unlimited file folder types, and support for archive boxes and binders, SmartTraxx supports a data view for document information. Documents can be managed independently of file folders as individual documents and/or can be managed as a ‘child’ record to a file folder record.

In some cases, for example documents that are submitted to a Court, the file folder to which the folder belongs may already be in-circulation. If the intake personnel determine that the document is high-value as to a Judge’s perception or the proceedings of a legal case, the document can be established as a database record and tagged with RFID and/or bar code for routing to its destination independently of the file folder to which it belongs. Some clients paper-clip the tag to a document so that the tag can be reused and does not obscure document information if permanently labeled.

There are also certain documents within file folders that are of special value, for example a promissory note in a loan folder, or a treatise in a government folder. These documents can be permanently tagged with RFID to ensure that the document can be located and can be prevented access in an unauthorized manner.

Government ministries, agencies and other entities often conduct significant ‘intra-government’ business that requires correspondence to be initiated by a sending entity and delivered to a receiving entity. The receiving government entity can establish a database record for the document/folio including folio #, date received, sending entity, subject, action required, action officer, response date and days-taken-to-respond.

SmartTraxx also supports attaching electronic copies of documents to the database, so that Users can access both physical and electronic copies of the document.