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Electronic Documents / Electronic Forms

SmartTraxx delivers efficient and affordable electronic document management and electronic forms, providing affordable and seamless physical and electronic document management.

Most organizations have challenges with the timely access of physical file folder records, and assume that the solution to the problem is electronic document management. However, the challenges relative to implementing digital document solutions are formidable. It is common that organizations start with grandiose plans for reengineering the enterprise though electronic documents and automated routing / workflow. And it is common that organizations end up only utilizing a fraction of the systems capabilities, and that electronic documents are primarily used more as an archiving system than a paperless business process solution.

It is also common that organizations do not realize the dramatic productivity gains and elimination of ‘document management’ problems that can be achieved with RFID technology and with color-coded filing systems. SmartTraxx provides blended physical and electronic records, in a single, easy-to-use software interface. Staff can utilize paper records when required for their normal tasks, with the ability to get folders quickly when they are needed. Documents can be scanned upon receipt and/or when tasks are completed and a folder’s usage is completed.

SmartTraxx also supports electronic forms, with easy data entry screens to populate electronic forms. Electronic documents and forms can be routed to the people that need them to perform their work duties, and electronic forms are permanently archived within SmartTraxx.

SmartTraxx electronic document management works. It is easy for staff to learn and use. Blended physical and electronic document management is the most reliable and successful approach to records management.