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Electronic Forms

The ARMS Armory Management System includes the ability to format data entry screens for input to electronic documents.  Each entry required to complete an electronic form is expressed as a data entry cell in ARMS.

Whereas data entered to a form does not represent data that is storable are searchable, data entered to an electronic form represents discreet data elements and the ability to run reports against the data.

All of the data entered to the electronic form, utilizing the ARMS Armory Management System electronic forms data entry screen, can be queried, viewed, updated and printed.  In addition, a complete electronic form can be printed out matching required or desired form formats.

It is common that armories must request weapons, gear and ammo from weapon warehouses, which is often accomplished using a ‘work order’ or requisition form.  Weapon warehouses often utilize ‘weapon-gear-ammo shipping forms’ to document the objects being transferred to an armory.

The ARMS Armory Management Systems supports unlimited electronic forms formatted to required form formats.