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File Requests

The primary objective of file tracking systems is to enable staff to quickly access needed files.   Without a computerized records management database and file tracking system, staff will have to get up from their desk and look for a needed file and/or email or call file room personnel to request that someone retrieve the needed file.  Such manual processes do not establish appropriate historical records and cause significant lost staff productivity looking and waiting for files.

With SmartTraxx, staff simply query the database to determine the current location of a file.  Staff can choose to go retrieve the file themselves, or, they can simply click a ‘Request’ button.  Clicking the Request button sends email(s) to designated file room staff and/or places the file Request into a ‘Request Queue’.   A File Request takes less than 10 seconds.

When placing a Request, the person Requesting the file is known by SmartTraxx based on the User Id and Password of the person that is making the Request.  The Requestor can also indicate variable information, such as:

>   Who is the file Request for if other than myself
>   Notify these people of my file request
>   I need the file by this date
>   This is a normal or urgent file request
>   Notes explaining the Reason for the Request

File room staff can print emails and/or print the entire file Request queue.  When printing the queue, the records are sorted in the same sequence as files are stored in the filing system, for fast retrievals without having to zigzag through files when pulling Requested records.

When file room doorways are equipped with RFID antennas and motion sensors, files are automatically updated to the Requestor when exiting the filing system / file registry.