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File Indexing and Labeling

Records can be added to SmartTraxx singularly or in batches. Once data has been entered, the User clicks a ‘Print’ icon and labels print from sheet or roll printers for each record added to the database. Typically labels are placed on the side tab of folders if stored on open shelving or the top tab of folders if stored in drawers. A single label or multiple labels can be printed for each new record, such as a side tab label and a folder front label.

When records are imported from a customer’s backend database(s), the records are automatically queued to the ‘Print Labels’ queue. Staff simply open the Print queue and click printer icon and label(s) will be printed for each new record that was imported from the back-end database.

Regardless of the extensiveness of bar code and/or RFID utilization, color-coded indexing is required to optimize records management. If folders are not color-coded by a file’s primary index, such as letters of a client name or digits of an employee #, then folders have to be removed and read one-at-a-time to determine if the correct folder has been accessed, and the process repeated until the right file is located. Reading names and text fields is a cognitive process that is slow and error-prone. With color-coding, staff retrieve and refile records visually versus cognitively…by glancing at colors!

Most customers print labels on sheets using standard office ink jet printers. There are over 30 different sizes and styles of sheeted labels that After labels are printed, SmartTraxx’s input screen is utilized to update record’s with the RFID # from the label applied to the database record’s corresponding file folder record. Ink jet printers and sheeted labels enable printing of text fields, bar code and color-coding on to RFID labels.

Some customers print with labels on rolls using specialty RFID thermal printers. Thermal printers do not support the ability to print color-coded labels. Thermal printers do enable the RFID chip to be encoded with the file #, assuming that the file # is rendered on the label as a bar code.