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File Folder Location Tracking / Finding Files

SmartTraxx keeps track of the current locations of files based on check in/out processing, RFID detection zones, file transfers and file inventories.

SmartTraxx software includes an RFID import utility that automatically imports data from check in/out processes and from RFID antennas and scanners. Each physical location of RFID equates to a physical location within SmartTraxx software. When a User queries SmartTraxx, they see the current location of a file and the prior locations of files, including time-date stamps. A such, staff can pinpoint the locations of files using their desktop computer, tablet or phone.

If staff utilize SmartTraxx to query the database to determine the location of a file, and the file is not readily found at the expected location, a portable RFID scanner with an approximate 20’ range can be utilized to pinpoint the exact location of the file. The scanner utilized beeps and color-scales to guide the User to within a few inches of the needed file.

File folder locations can also be established as Security Zones. For example, at a passageway to elevators or stairs, or, an exit doorway. If a folder approaches any RFID detection zone in an unauthorized manner, alerts are triggered by SmartTraxx software, and, network-connected alarms and flashing lights can be turned-on. Security alerts can also be transmitted by SMS to designated mobile phones.

It should be noted that staff will always, lastly use their vision and touch to handle folders to determine the exact folder that they require, among potentially many other files in proximity. Having effectively color-coded files expedites finding files when a User has pinpointed the location to a zone, office or specific set of folders. The last step in handling files is always fingers and eyes.