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Reports, Reporting and Data Dashboard

SmartTraxx includes an extensive standard report portfolio based on the types of reports requested by existing customers. All standard reports are available to all new customers, such as ‘all records by location’, ‘all overdue records by location’, ‘records in workflow queue’ etc.

SmartTraxx is also delivered with any new reports required for a customer, and new reports are provided as-needed on an ongoing basis. Reports are typically generated based on SQL queries, including complex, multi-table joins.

Reports can be opened in .csv or .html formats, and can be automatically emailed to designated recipients. Reports can also be opened in spreadsheets and further manipulated or exported to 3rd party programs.

SmartTraxx also includes a ‘data dashboard’ that displays data as graphs and charts, for quick high-level views of important information. For example, ‘all records by status’, ‘all records by location’, etc.