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Why Virtual Doxx Corporation

When selecting a company to do business with, look to a proven track record, impressive references, advanced technologies, years of experience and constantly evolving capabilities, framed by a company dedicated to doing business with integrity, competence, commitment and results meeting and exceeding expectations. This criteria brings Virtual Doxx and the SmartTraxx solution to the top of the list for file tracking and location systems.

Virtual Doxx Corporation has customers in eighteen (18) countries and including eight (8) federal governments. Our first RFID file tracking solution was implemented in 2006 for the Maryland State Prosecutor’s Office, and in the 10+ years that have followed, we have implemented systems for many government and commercial applications. Our subject matter expertise and SmartTraxx capabilities have steadily evolved as we implement new projects, methodologies and applications.

Virtual Doxx is in its 12th year of development and delivery of SmartTraxx, a single code-base that is configured for each new application and customer based on the customer’s exacting requirements. Each customer receives the benefits of the input of all prior customers, while being able to expand the system’s capabilities based on any new requirements. We know what it takes to start a project, and finish a project, bringing state-of-the-art software and technology, and facilitating ‘best practices’ for records management operations. We know what it takes to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing performance.

Virtual Doxx Corporation also employs one of approximately 800 worldwide ‘Certified Records Manager’ (, with over 30 years experience designing filing systems, records management solutions, file indexing and file tracking systems. Virtual Doxx’s blend of technology and traditional records management principles helps optimize solution development.