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Asset Management, Tracking and Accountability

Essentially all organizations have assets such as IT equipment, furniture and janitorial equipment. SmartTraxx supports unlimited asset types, as well as other object-types, within a single database.

SmartTraxx also tracks inspection, maintenance and calibration duty cycles.

SmartTraxx support includes deprecation, surplus value and similar calculations.

Industrial organizations often have goods, work-in-process, tools and may have outdoor holding areas, in addition to normal facility assets.

Certain industries, like hospitals, have specialty assets, such as surgical tools, medical equipment, linens etc., in addition to normal facility assets.

Other industries, like airports have tugs, dollies and trollies, or oil & gas sites with mobile and stationary machinery, or ports, that have vehicles, trailers and goods that must be tracked outdoors.

Virtual Doxx supports UHF and Active RFID for asset, goods and machinery tracking.

Virtual Doxx also offers optional asset census, asset tagging and asset valuation services as a component of an asset system implementation and/or as needed over time.