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Scalability of Virtual Doxx Solutions for Applications and Industries

Virtual Doxx Corporation software is a single code based that has evolved since our initial software development started in 2003 and our first solution was delivered in 2006.

Virtual Doxx software is configured for each customer’s specific requirements, leveraging the expertise and the software that has evolved based on feedback from all of our prior customers and implementations.  Virtual Doxx Corporation prior implementations and capabilities include:

> Documents / Files / Archives

> Assets

> People

> Vehicles

> Goods-in-Process

> Tools

> Weapons / Gear / Ammo

> Evidence / Seized Property

> Books / Media

> Museum Artifacts

> Personnel Mustering

Virtual Doxx offers bar code, UHF and/or Active RFID solutions.  Virtual Doxx software is open-architecture, enabling enterprise deployment via networks, intranets / extranets, and he web.

Virtual Doxx software can be implemented utilizing license-free ‘open’ software, like Linux and MySQL, or proprietary licensed software, like Windows 10 and SQL Server.