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RFID Gate, RFID Vehicle Tracking and RFID Passenger Tracking

Some organizations have gates with passive or guard-assisted access controls.  UHF or active RFID can be installed at property gates to automate access to property and/or operation of gates.

RFID vehicle tags are provided for each vehicle that personnel may utilize to arrive at property.  The tags are attached to vehicles, such as on corner of windshield, and are detected as vehicles approach a gate.  If tag is detected and the vehicle authorized to enter the property, the software will display authorization for security personnel and/or the gate can be automatically opened.

With active RFID, personnel within vehicles can also be detected.  Personnel identification at gates may not be useful for day to day personnel accountability, but, can be quite important as to personnel mustering.

RFID technology can also be used to identify the locations of vehicles within parking lots.  Outdoor RFID antennas can be deployed for real-time vehicle tracking and/or vehicles can be inventoried with short or long-range portable RFID scanners, to identify all vehicles on-premises at any point in time.

GSM / GPS technology can also be implemented for tracking vehicles that travel off-premises.  A User can query the database for a vehicle, which will display a Google (or other) map that shows the vehicle’s location wherever it may be located virtually worldwide.

Drivers can be associated with vehicles within the SmartTraxx database, and vehicle locations can also be determined by GPS locations of the smart phone of the driver of the vehicle.