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RFID Goods-In-Process Tracking and Goods Location Accountability

Manufacturing facilities typically have goods that are being manufactured.  There are often work orders that must be reconciled against raw materials, tools and personnel that are required for manufacturing processes.

SmartTraxx supports implementation of RFID detection infrastructure to track goods from receipt-to storage and through usage.  When materials reach production stations, SmartTraxx confirms that the correct goods, tools and operator(s) are in place for production to proceed, based on reconciliation against work order details and operator certifications.

RFID goods-in-process tracking infrastructure can also be installed within warehouses and manufacturing areas, to track goods as they move from one phase of manufacturing or distribution to another.

Individual goods, cartons and pallets can all be tagged with RFID.  RFID antennas can be placed at strategic travel-points to passively track the objects, cartons or pallets that are associated with the goods.  SmartTraxx software keeps track of the hierarchical locations of goods, goods-within-cartons and goods/cartons on pallets.

RFID also supports RFID FINDER mobile devices, that enable customers to find specific goods, cartons or pallets wherever they may be on-facilities.

Detection of goods, cartons and pallets at RFID detection zones, such as dock doors, can trigger alarms and flashing lights if there is any anomaly relative to goods being shipped and work orders for those goods.